Extension Installation

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Extension Installation

Installation of any one extension on your Magento 2 site.

Before we can begin, we will need ssh access to your server.

Once purchased and we have access, a developer will typically be assigned to your case for installation in the same day.

We take a complete back up of the database and file system prior to placing your site in maintenance mode. We then install the extension and validate there are no errors before bringing it back up from maintenance mode. Should any errors occur, we immediately restore from the backups.

We are proud of the work we do, but there is always a risk when installing software on a live site. We strongly recommend using a test server to avoid costly surprises.

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Software Disclaimer

Our software is provided as is. Any loss of service, revenue, or data on your web server is not our responsibility. We test our extensions thoroughly before releasing them, however, bugs sometimes do get through. If you encounter a bug in your download, please contact support immediately so we can provide a fix for you and our community of extension users. 

We strongly recommend that you never install any extension on a production environment directly. If you need help setting up a backup/test environment for your live store, please let us know. We have a very reasonably priced duplicate and back up service that can save you thousands of dollars in lost revenue if you crater your store while installing an extension.

You should maintain a completely separate instance of your store on another web server. You should apply new extensions or theme changes here first to ensure they will function as expected prior to making these sorts of things live on your active store.  

Our extensions have been tested on multiple live stores and are known to work with a clean Magento. However, they have not been tested with every other extension out there. Before installing on your live store, install on a test copy first. Be sure. Be safe. Be profitable.

Installation of any one extension on your Magento 2 site. Includes tar back up of all files and database prior to installation, installation of extension, and basic extension configuration.

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Software Disclaimer Software Disclaimer
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